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Ward Coiver jpgThe Ward: The Life and Loss of Toronto’s First Immigrant Neighbourhood was edited by John Lorinc, Michael McClelland, Ellen Scheinberg and Tatum Taylor. It was published by Coach House Books and released in May 2015.

The book features articles written by over fifty prominent authors documenting the diverse and rich history of this locale. It is available in softcover or ebook format at Coach House Books, the Spacing Store, as well as bookstores large and small.

The editors and publisher have held a number of events to promote the book and celebrate the history of The Ward that are described and listed in the events section of the website, our blog and Twitter site. There are a number of exciting initiatives lined up for the fall and winter of 2015. Since The Ward’s residents were quite diverse and the stories within the book are eclectic, the events relate to many different topics that should appeal to a broad audience. We encourage you to check out the schedule and come out to one or more of these activities. We are interested in receiving input from organizations and individuals if you have suggestions relating to potential partnerships and future events.

Despite the considerable size and scope of the book, its coverage is far from comprehensive, due to the long time frame involved along with the multitude of potential topics that exist. Consequently, we are keen on acquiring additional stories and historic materials documenting the long and compelling history of The Ward. If you have a relative who resided in The Ward, currently live in the area, or have a story to impart, please contact us via email, the contact us section of this site, or share your stories and insights via the social media sites that we have set up for this purpose.